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Design Bundles and SVG Files Online

August 21, 2019 Design 0
SVG Graphics on a Blimp


I think one of the hardest things about a design project is actually getting started. Converting that idea into a visual end-point definitely has some hurdles. I can completely understand this from my own experience.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the reason for the design. Is it part of a branding exercise? Are you hoping to re-sell the design? Or is it simply for a hobby or craft project? Whatever the reason, time will be a factor. Designing graphics can be quite time-consuming, and that’s just getting it onto a sketch.

Those Bitmap Files

Many years ago I even remember working with bitmap files, which were actually a real pain. They were already large files but were difficult to reshape or resize. Any scale changes resulted in edge distortions and the more you changed it, the bigger the file seemed to get.

Greeting Card

More recent development of file types has resulted in formats that use different structures which can be scaled more easily, making them so much more versatile. This really comes into its own when producing larger scale designs for promotional or larger craft designs, especially where svg cuts are involved. Your design might be for something as simple as a greetings card, or at the other extreme it might be for a promotional blimp flown at an event.

Scalable Vector Graphics

What you need is something that will look the same whatever its size. SVG (scalable vector graphic) files are, as their full title suggests, scalable. When made bigger or smaller there is no detrimental effect to the overall look of the graphic. The edges will remain sharp, the shape will remain the same and ultimately it will remain recognisable.

The variety of files available grows daily – whether it’s a fish, a motorbike, a cloud or even a mermaid svg . The choice is almost endless. What’s more, a graphic can be re-used on different craft projects. It might be a cushion, a placemat, a poster or a t-shirt – all using the same theme and graphics.


In addition, svg files are now usable in web applications too. They can be used as an image on a web page or a background on a form. In fact anywhere you could normally use an tag. This is even more relevant with the advent of HTML5. It also makes device responsiveness easier. There’s a big difference in area between a 25” monitor and a smartphone screen.

Technology also seems to be moving in the same direction, with the latest cutting machines such as the Cricut now all able to use svg files directly.

Start Your Collection of SVG Files

So, now is the time to start your collection of design bundles and svg files. Pick up some new designs online and catalogue them. It’ll definitely speed up your production time and give you the opportunity to get to work on your next design sooner. Or just simply put your feet up and play with your own ideas using the time you saved.

It’s a fast moving world in the design game. If you can’t beat them, join them and check out the wealth of SVG files today.


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