The Joys of Pedantry

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The Joys of Pedantry

June 1, 2017 Language 0
The written word and the joys of pedantry

You must have seen it at some point; that sign or sandwich-board on the street that advises you that the owner has a special offer on “afternoon tea’s” or their special “cake’s”.  These are what made me appreciate the joys of pedantry.   Even the corporate giants don’t do themselves justice sometimes.  The signs in the big supermarkets leading you to their CD’s and DVD’s drive me mad!

Our kids claim it’s our age, but it isn’t.  It’s pedantry.  We’re passionate about getting things right.  Why accept almost right when you can get it spot-on?

Eats Shoots and Leaves

I recently read Lynne Truss’s “Eats Shoots and Leaves“, a humorous, yet educational critique of modern use of punctuation.  It’s definitely worth a read.  It cleverly highlights how simply moving a single comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence, or even a paragraph.

Punctuation Marks

As I’ve grown older I’ve developed a love of writing.  It’s almost therapeutic, a way to get those thoughts, rants, ideas or whatever out of the mind and into readable media.  Not only that; it’s a vent in some ways too.  I enjoy reading back over old blog posts that describe occasions, events or experiences and it can be almost like re-living them.  In 2017 we spent a year travelling; seeing different cultures and countries, learning and appreciating the way their lives are different to ours – yet so similar too.  One of the best parts of the year, however,  was being able to put into words what we saw and did.

A Picture

There’s an old saying that ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.  There’s also a lesser-known edict that you can paint a fantastic picture with a thousand words.  Some well-written language can take the reader to his or her own world of imagination without the railroading effect a photograph can sometimes have.

So, if you haven’t already, jump on our bandwagon and try to appreciate for yourself the joys of pedantry.  You’ll be hooked!

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