The Importance of a Responsive Design

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The Importance of a Responsive Design

September 1, 2019 Web Design 0
The importance of responsive web design


What does responsive design mean?  This is a question we’re often asked.  As relative ‘oldies’ we like to think that we keep up with trends regarding web usage. In our life calendar, mobile web browsing is still relatively new, even though we’re close to 20 years in now. A quick look at the latest statistics show that worldwide, mobile devices now count for approximately half of all web page views.

Zoom and Scroll

Yet still, we occasionally browse sites online and find ourselves flabbergasted to find reputable businesses still displaying sites that don’t adapt or respond to the device being used. Have you ever watched someone on a mobile trying to zoom and scroll and pan around a page that is non-responsive? We personally find it very frustrating. Being in the web design game we make sure that any sites we produce ourselves look good not just on a desktop computer, but on just about any smartphone or tablet device too.


Using many devices


It’s not just the ‘looking good’ bit though. If you want people to read your content, then surely it’s common sense to make it easy to read in the first place. A responsive design will automatically change the layout to ensure that the font remains easily-legible whether the device is large or small or in portrait or landscape aspect.

Responsive Design Means Easier Reading

Images won’t obscure content or vice-versa and everything flows effortlessly down the page as you scroll. This automatically increases interest and retains your readers for longer. It also means they’re much more likely to find what they want easily, making it a better overall user experience.


sites should look good on mobile devices


This is especially relevant where there’s any kind of user interaction on the page. It’s so annoying when trying to fill in a form on a mobile device. You not only have to scroll up and down, but left and right too and zoom in to read. There’s no excuse for it. Coding languages can allow the design to be fitted on the actual screen width rather than a nominal ‘size’.

Keep Your Customers

You aforementioned businesses probably realise you’re losing your customers and possibly your business opportunities too. So get in touch with us. We will be able to put you on the right path to getting a new attractive site with a responsive design to appeal to those mobile-browsing many.


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