The Unlimited Potential of a Free Font

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The Unlimited Potential of a Free Font

August 19, 2019 Design Web Design 0
Design in your new business


You’ve decided to embark upon on your new business venture.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time. You have your vision, you know the message you want to convey and it’s going to make you successful!  But how do you convert that idea into something usable? Even with the most basic image editors nowadays it’s possible to create attractive logos and designs.  Your company never looked so good. Or so you think…

But now you have to put it onto your flyers, you need to have it printed on your T-shirts and you need a letterhead.  It seems endless! This is the point at which you discover that your fantastic design looks great when you use it at its original size.  But when it comes to making it even just a little bit bigger, it all turns to fuzz.


Don’t Waste Time

A surprising number of business owners starting up seem to make a meal of things, trying to do absolutely everything themselves.  They then find out that the task wasn’t as easy as they first thought, wasting lots of valuable time. They often don’t know that what they’ve just spent hours, days or weeks designing was already available in a font bundle online.  Why go to town on what you thought was a new unique design? You can get your fonts free from all sorts of different sources.

Don't Waste Time - Use Free font bundles

Using a free font in a good image editor can open up much more flexibility.  It means that your logo or text can be bent, stretched and shaped without those resulting blurred edges.  A font can be put into an image at whatever point-size you require. You’ve then got flexibility without that ugly pixelation that you found with your original design.

There’s an old idiom: ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’.  How relevant that is when it comes to fonts for your designs and branding.  That free font bundle can be incorporated not just into images, but will also be available in your word-processor too.  It really can make your branding that much more visible.

The logo created for

One of our original projects was a parenting website that we created from scratch called  After much deliberation, our logo was made very simply from two free fonts. It served well over the 12 years we spent building and growing the business and was only changed after we sold the business to new owners a few years ago.


Free Fonts – Versatility and Choice

We still use many font files in our design process due to their incredible versatility and choice.  A number of our clients have been bowled over by the designs we’ve been able to make simply with free fonts and graphics.

Even Free Fonts Matter

You’d be surprised at how many promotional items out there in the commercial world are built from free fonts.  There are so many to choose from there’s bound to be something that suits your needs. Implementation is a piece of cake.  It’s simply a case of dragging and dropping the font into your windows PC and away you go.

If you’re thinking of designing your own graphics and branding, don’t waste time.  Think free and think to the future.


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